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Frida, Virginia

I became a pilot!

September 9th 2015 was a day with a lot of tears but at the same time extreme excitement.

I was sitting at Arlanda international airport, Sweden waiting for a big airbus to take me over the sea and to the famous New York City.

I was leaving my comfort zone, friends and family to go and explore something totally unknown.

First of all I am going to spend almost 9h on this amazing big airplane with all this mixed feelings that I had but that was alright because I just love to fly!

I never going to forget that feeling I had when this big airplane was descending through the clouds and there it was, NYC. 

When the orientation was done my journey is going to continue but this time I will be taking off to Dulles International Airport (Close to Washington DC) where my host family was waiting for me.

I knew from the beginning that this is the right family for me!

I have for two years lived with this family now and believe me when I am saying that they have become my own family.

Two beautiful girls that I have helped taking care of that now feels like my own little sisters and the parents that literally have been taking me under their wings.

Both parents are working as professional pilots and flying all over the world.

I love to fly as well and now I have ended up in a aviation family where it ends up that they are the ones that going to make my big dream come true.

Believe it or not but this family helped me to become a pilot as well and now two years later I am standing here just a few flight hours away to become a Commercial licensed pilot and I have experienced the absolute coolest things!

I flew over to St.Louis, flown the Hudson River in NYC, flown over the Blue Ridge Mountains, flown to the beach in North Carolina an so on.

It is an incredible story I know because I can not believe it myself!

They took me under their wings and helped me to do what I love, Fly! 

Here I am sitting now September 1st, 2017 two wonderful years later and realize how blessed I am!

I want to thank Aupair in America for this incredible opportunity you giving all the people out there and for your professional and wonderful Aupair program that you have. 

I am so grateful I applied and you guys have been wonderful!

I also want to thank my wonderful counselor Jennifer Minniti, you are amazing!

You are just always happy, energetic and want all your Aupair’s the best.

She have always been so helpful and professional and I have always enjoyed to go to her meetings as well, thank you Jen I will miss you!

My dear host family, how am I ever going to thank you good enough.

I am so grateful for being a part of your life’s and everything you have done for me.

I will forever walk this earth with my eyes towards the sky and think of you and all you have done for me. 

At night I will see all the beautiful stars which represents each one of you! 

Forever in my heart, I love you!